We work in incredibly challenging scientific venues in some of the most remote locations on earth... not just at altitude on the side of a glacier, but under a moving ice pack. Add the threat of avalanches, underground ice collapse, falling rocks, toxic volcanic gases and glacial flooding, and this is 'frontier work' in uncharted territory. 

Mountains make their own weather, and helicopter-based rescues are often not possible. We have to be completely self-reliant. We need our own rescue teams above and below ground, field hospitals, and the ability to manage mountain illness and wilderness trauma. 

Our team includes Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) qualified rescue leaders, trained cave rescue experts from the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC), mountain expedition doctors and paramedics, logistics specialists and experienced expedition leaders. 

These expeditions are complex and operate under the Incident Command System - the standardized approach to command, control and coordinate emergency response situations such as search and rescue and wild land fire-fighting. Our projects require the same level of care, detail and planning as you'd find on a Himalayan expedition.