Our research is based in glacier caves located on Pacific Northwest volcanoes. These projects on Mt Hood, St Helens and Mt Rainier represent three distinct and complementary types of glaciers - receding, growing, and balanced. 


Receding: Sandy Glacier Caves on Mt Hood

The Sandy Glacier is dying. Its Snow Dragon cave system is quickly disappearing, and we have a sense of urgency to capture as much information as we can before these caves are gone completely. 

Growing: Crater Glacier Caves on Mt St Helens

While other glaciers in the Pacific Northwest are dying, St Helens is home to the ONLY growing glacier in the lower 48 states. 

Balanced: Summit Fumarole Caves on Mt Rainier

There are cave systems in both the East and West Crater ice caps of Mt Rainier. The summit ice caps on Mt Rainier are examples of glaciers in balance.